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Pokerway offers an unique opportunity for adventurers, but mainly, for adventurous poker players. Trough organizing an event in our partner destinations, we are able to bring you an opportunity to experience a short holiday stay for free. Yes, that is right, for free. When you join our events and play required amount of hours on cash games, you will receive your full deposit back!

Why choose Pokerway?

Pokerway is partnered with industry leading brands and thus provide you with the full range of whats there to offer. Combined, with over 3000 satisfied travellers in the past events, you will be able to experience something extra for your buck. You will be joining many others and therefore poker action will be available whenever you want. Relax, fun, poker, that is Pokerway





If you are just looking for an adventure

check our events calendar. It provides you with detailed times of our events and their duration. You can navigate trough months in advance and get the best idea of how long your adventure will last

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Beautiful destinations are now even cheaper to visit

Look at the map and choose your desired place to explore. Or visit them all, we offer wide range of events spanning trough the year

Lloret de Mar, Girona, Spain

Sofia, Bulgaria

Burgas, Bulgaria

Varna, Bulgaria

Prague, Czech Republic

Belgrade, Serbia


St Julian's, Malta

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